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Update As of October 2022

A new update on what’s been happing at RC Crew. With Covid basically driving a freight train through all our operations, we've had to change and adapt to these new challenges.

Things are on the way up again though!

With the introduction of an indoor Mini-Z Track, the addition of a Slot Car track, and implementation of console gaming coming very soon, we're looking to bring new and exciting activities to you.

Mini-Z Track is now active! $20 track use for the following days: Tuesday 5:30pm to 10pm untimed practice. Wednesday 4pm to 8pm timed practice, Saturday is 10am to 10pm timed and untimed.

Tabletop gaming has not disappeared! We currently run Yu-Gi-Oh on Tuesdays from 5:30pm, and has been running successfully. Also we now have Digimon added to the mix, also on Tuedays. Other card games to be confirmed based off community interest and ability to facilitate, so stay tuned!

We ship all over Australia including all major cities such as Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, all of Tasmania, and of course Sydney.

If you have any questions about our products or web store, feel free to Contact Us by email. Our store is located at 124 Eldridge Road Condell Park NSW Sydney Australia. Feel free to drop in and check out what we have in stock. For all email enquiries, please contact us at info@rccrew.com