Addiction ARF Blue

Wing span: 1000mm /39.5 in
Length:1063mm/ 41.85 in
Weight: RTF approx 750g / 26.5oz
Wing Area: 485
Wing Loading: 7.85oz/sq.ft

Drive System
Required for completing the kit:
PA Thrust 20 outrunner motor
PA Quantum 30 Pro Programmable ESC
PA V3 LiPo pack 11.1V 2200mAh 30-60C
4 x Hitec HS 65HB micro servos


PA brings you a new aerodynamic design with a huge wing area 485 and amazing flying weight of only 750g  (26.5oz).  The Addiction is predictable and stable, features exceptional stall and slow speed handling characteristics, quick recovery and robustness - allowing any modeller to fly hardcore 3D with easeinches off the ground.                                                                          

It is designed for 3D beginners, 3D addicts working to bring their skills to another level or any pilot who simply wants to have pure unadulterated fun.

 Although the Addiction is a mid-sized aircraft (close to the physical dimensions of the Katana MD) it is designed to be powered by an economical lightweight 20 size iPAs-drive setup. This set up makes the Addiction extremely responsive providing absolute control, so you can get out of the most difficult situations with ease. You will be naturally flying much lower and more aggressively than ever before.

The Addiction translucent covering reveals our unique FiberFusion® construction which contributes greatly to the strength of the airframe without sacrificing on weight. Like any other Precision Aerobatics model, the Addiction is built using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines.

The two wing halves are removable making it easily transportable for a model of this size. The wings are joined together with a CF wing tube and CF sleeve that makes the Addiction a compact and durable aircraft.

Did you ever come back from flying sessions a little disappointed from your flying skills? Well not anymore! The Addiction’s forgiving and stable nature makes it exceptionally easy to hover vertically without much aileron input.

Torque rolls are slow, smooth and stable requiring very little control corrections. This means you’ll be able to torque roll with the rudder merely inches above the ground.

Knife edge is simply stable with close to zero coupling making it easy to execute knife edge circuits. Rolling harriers require very little control input and effort, ideal for learning to harrier roll for the first time. The exceptionally low wing loading allows ample time to think and react during the manoeuvre. Jaw dropping, flashy tight waterfalls are simply easy to perform a few meters off the deck. The blenders stop immediately, meaning that you can do this as low as you want without fear of returning home with a bag full of balsa toothpicks. It harriers exceptionally well in both upright and inverted and is perfect to learn harrier figure eights and spot landings. Flat spins are exceptionally flat using only the rudder, meaning you can easily perform spins at two meters off the deck.

Apart from excellent 3D flight characteristics, the Addiction performs very well in the precision flying department, allowing you to mix 3D and precision and widen the scope of aerobatic manoeuvres that can be mastered and performed.  

So, if you feel that you have had just about enough with flimsy foamies or are still struggling to learn that seemingly illusive hover or torque roll or just seriously addicted to fun, this is certainlyTHE plane for you, but you should know - looking so good can be addictive!

Following PA tradition this model too gives the word QUALITY a whole new meaning. From the design to the construction, the hardware and the level of finish - the attention to detail is second to none

The Addiction is a TRUE ARF, 99% built for you in our factory:

  • Pre installed CF anti rotation pins
  • fibreglass pre cut cowling reinforced with carbon fiber. No cutting is required!  The cowling aerodynamic design (intakes, outtakes), clever motor box design and two large air scoops allow airflow to efficiently cool the motor, battery and ESC.
  • Pre-fabricated tinted canopy and hatch is one unit attached to the model with very strong magnets. No canopy trimming or gluing is required.  
  • Pre-drilled stiff CF landing gear and pre-installed blind nuts in the fuselage allow a quick and trouble free undercarriage installation.
  • Pre glued motor box with the correct thrust line already built in.
  • CNC Machined pre cut firewall. Simply bolt your motor on!
  • pre cut fiberglass wheel pants with ply mounting plate (pre-installed in the mould)

The brief assembly is a joy and most modellers will have it set up in one evening.


  • Two-piece removable wings
  • All new FiberFusion® technology    
  • Largest wing area and lightest model in its category (=lowest wing loading)
  • State of the art laser cut light ply, balsa and carbon fiber construction
  • 5 lightweight transparent color schemes to choose from with solid white trimming.
  • Top quality hardware kit.

100% Carbon fiber features

  • CF FiberFusion® construction
  • CF pushrods
  • CF wing tube
  • CF firewall locker
  • CF Leading edge
  • CF quality landing gear
  • CF reinforced cowling
  • CF CNC machined battery tray
  • CF CNC machined control horns
  • CF wing and fuselage sleeve/spar
  • CF elevator trailing edge reinforcement (pre installed)
  • CF CNC machined double rudder control horn
  • CF anti-rotation wing pins (pre installed in the factory)

Optional upgrades:

  • Carbon fiber wheel pants
  • CNC machined carbon fiber spinner
  • CNC machined carbon fiber servo arms for correct linkage geometry


SKU 800001109
Brand Precision Aerobatics

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