●700E Linkage x 4(2x110mm)
●700E Aileron Control rod Carbon Fiber Shaft x 8(4x5.4x6.5mm)
●700E Aileron Control rod Carbon Fiber Tube x 4(2.2x3.9x96mm)
●700N Ball Link x 8(5x20.5mm)


●Use for T-REX 700E. 


Illustration 1:Mix thoroughly suitable amount of epoxy.



Illustration 2:Apply generous amount of epoxy on the tips of carbon tube after sliding over the linkage rod.
(Note: for quick drying epoxy, work fast as it must be applied prior to curing)



Illustration 3:Slide the carbon end caps on both sides of the carbon tube.




Illustration 4:Thread the ball links onto the linkage rod until the base to base length is 97.5mm.



Illustration 5:If gap exists between the ball link and end caps after correct length has been achieved, slide the end caps outwards to cover the gaps (note: must be done before epoxy cures)



Illustration 6:Wipe away excess epoxy and set it aside to cure.




Illustration 7:Pop the finished link back between aileron servo horn and bell crank.


Aileron Carbon Fiber Linkage Rod Set
SKU 200000449
Brand Align

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