With a 4WD chassis and dedicated drift tires installed, you can enjoy drifting in a small space!

MINI-Z AWD series combined with Syncro KT-531P transmitter.

I want more drivers to know how the MINI-Z AWD drives. The MINI-Z AWD Readyset was created to fulfill this desire. The MA-020 series chassis, which is equipped with VCS (Variable Camber Suspension), which optimizes camber changes with stroke, has been introduced to the MA-020 series chassis with a revised steering control program. Compatible with dedicated gyro (sold separately: MZW446), equipped with dedicated space and gyro adjustment volume. The effectiveness of the gyro can be adjusted on the chassis alone, and changes in posture are reflected in the steering correction, providing safe driving for beginners and support for experts to demonstrate their abilities. Full bearing specification with 14 more bearings. A fully-equipped chassis that demonstrates extreme efficiency and durability at an affordable price. The set is a readyset equipped with a scale body unique to the MINI-Z and a 2.4GHz radio "Syncro KT-531P" that does not require band management. With drift tires installed as standard, you can enjoy thrilling drift driving just by setting the battery. Of course, it is compatible with many of the ASC bodies that are MINI-Z assets (separate parts are required depending on the model). Experience the driving experience that can only be experienced with an AWD chassis with the MINI-Z AWD.

  • Renewal version of AWD sports chassis based on MA-020 series chassis.

  • Dedicated board with revised steering control program.

  • Equipped with a volume that can adjust the effectiveness of the gyro on the chassis itself.

  • Drift tires are standard equipment.

  • Readyset runs with just batteries.

  • Uses a 2.4GHz Syncro KT-531P transmitter that does not require band management.

  • Factory-assembled body with the same finish as the display model.

  • Front suspension "VCS" is adopted to bring out camber changes with suspension stroke.

  • Replacement of front suspension coil springs is easy with no tools required.

  • A wide variety of optional parts can be installed.

  • (Note) The optional ICS cannot be used. Also, since it is designed exclusively for the KT-531P transmitter, it is not compatible with KT-18, KT19, EX-5UR ASF, EX-6, EX-6R transmitters. Also, the gyro unit (sold separately: MZW446) is only compatible with the dedicated product.

Debuted in 1971 with an aerodynamic nose, also called "G nose", to improve aerodynamic performance. The front and rear over fenders and rear spoiler, which are not found on the standard model, make it look even more powerful. It was very popular due to the rarity of being exclusive to Japan.


  • A Syncro KT-531P transmitter with a stylish design is included. In addition to the steering/throttle trim, it is also equipped with a dual rate that can adjust the amount of steering angle and an LED control function. In addition, it is possible to set a training mode that suppresses the vehicle speed (it is set to training mode at the time of shipment).

  • Based on the MA-020 series chassis, this AWD Readyset chassis is equipped with an RA45 unit.

  • The front suspension "VCS" is adopted to bring out the camber change that accompanies the stroke of the suspension. No tools required, easy to replace the front suspension coil spring.

  • The rear suspension adopts a strut type.

  • Full bearing specification with 14 bearings.

  • Standard drift tires.

  • Compatible with dedicated gyro (sold separately: MZW446), equipped with dedicated space and gyro adjustment volume.


  • Complete chassis with built-in R/C unit

  • Plastic body completed at painting and marking factory

  • Syncro KT-531P 2.4GHz transmitter

  • Mini pylon

  • Pinion gear (15T, 17T, 19T, 21T)

  • Spur gear ( 27T, 29T, 31T)

  • Spare nut

  • Wheel wrench

  • Pinion removal tool


  • 4 AAA batteries for transmitter

  • 4 AAA batteries for driving (alkaline or nickel-metal hydride)


SKU 55465
Brand Kyosho

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