There’s a reason why you see children running about during playtime – or any other time, really – dressed as Spiderman, Thor or even the Hulk…

It’s because these Marvel superheroes are brave souls who can be looked up to (well, some aspects of Tony Stark’s personality are a little questionable, let’s be honest). These are people who take on harsh trials in order to come out the other side as “the good guy”, earning respect from those around them. These heroes are inspirational figureheads for young children everywhere – not just some silly illustrations in a comic book, no sir!

Younger readers will delight in Marvel’s Origin Storybook Collection – a collector’s slipcase containing five storybooks that cover the beginnings of some of Marvel’s best-known heroes. Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man and Thor are all here with their stories, along with some fantastic original artwork.

Discover the events that led to the creation of Iron Man’s famous suit or how Captain America came the country’s first avenger; why the Hulk turns green and the significance behind Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. with brilliant illustrations that capture the true look and feel of the Marvel Universe.

Origin Storybook Collection features:

  • A collection of four hard-cover storybooks.
  • Approximately 45 pages each.
  • Includes the origin stories of the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.
  • Brilliant illustrations throughout, and text aimed at younger readers (ages 6 to 9).
  • Presented in a matching slipcase for storage.
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